ENGLISH - Origin of Wrestling (Luta-livre) - The origin in Rio (Luta-livre submission)
All stories involving the origins of various martial arts fights (old), interestingly, beginning the same way. Thus, say the texts: "... The wrestling, the oldest of all ..." Showing always a period of hiding, to fight for survival with all the ingredients of an epic, which can overcome the centuries and up until this day. Everything is very similar, with the oldest reports of the band of 3000 years (1000 AC). Wrestling with the origin is quite different (the only form of struggle that was born in the West), there are no hidden areas, princes and warriors, nor influences, inspirations etc. The story is much simpler. A The fight was in each place where the man appeared. And with it has developed. She was born "free" as the name without props or additions, in line with the nature. The man has always fought and will continue fighting till the end of centuries. At the beginning of human history primitive men, the similarity of the animals also "play" to fight like today are the offspring of cats, for example. Besides the entertainment component, there is also a learning imprenscidível, survival, where the teachers were those who had created. So there can be no doubt that the fight is the oldest sport and specifically Wrestling, the mother of all other methods of combating body. Thus, in every corner of the earth to fight arose, if the conditions and adapting local customs to which they yielded to survive and continue its inexóral destination. The first written mention (in cuneiform characters) that is no record, the date of the Sumerian period, around 4000 BC where the "Poem of Gilgamesh" a king describes a fight in detail. Later in the ancient Egypt, the tombs of the 5th Dynasty in 2470 BC, appear to fight many designs where the models were sometimes children, which ensures the component of sports and educational activities. E flabbergast (!), The positions shown are very similar to those of today! Other monuments as the tombs of Beni Hassam (400), III Baht (219) and Sethi (122) also show many designs today preserved in positions of wrestling, in which we use today. In the book of (Genesis 32: 24 and 25), Jacob fight for a long time opponent with a physical and meta physical (an angel) not getting the win, then moves the joint of the thigh of Jacob. Also Moses, who was taught to fight as a prince, as was Prince of Egypt, there are words that he used the techniques of wrestling, which was taught by the army of Pharaoh, which are recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphics in the tombs of pharaohs therefore, he alone was able to defend the children of their future in-law, when they were attacked by "some pastors" (Exodus 2:16 to 19). In ancient Greece, there were attempts to "create" a mystical origin for the fight saying she had been invented by Herakles, Hermes and talk and then integrated to the Olympics. At that time there was no category of weight or time to fight. There were however several ways, the Pancrazio (considered the most violent) and the fights, which is divided into 3 specialties: Ortopalio-fight more accepted in the old Olympic victory that gave the tip that three times the opponent. • Alindissis - Specialty practiced in training, similar to the Wrestling today. Ended with a withdrawal of fighters. • Acrocrismos - A type of fight footprint of fingers which caused many bruises. How curious it is amazing how some artists of the time showed in painting and sculpture in particular with meticulous precision the injuries resulting from fights in the nose, ears etc. The "Lex Aquila" of the Roman state in 150 AC condemned the guilty to reparation for damage to another player in combat. Similarly strictly penalized those who tried to cause serious injury or death to the opponent. Remember, always had a close relationship between the development of the struggle and socio-economic and political regions. Moreover, their willingness to field individual and self-overcoming always leverage the development of some form of struggle. Should be remembered that the origin of Wrestling, is merging with the Olympic Fraud (Wrestling), which has expertise undoubtedly the greatest number of practitioners in the world (over 30,000,000) between all the fights generally speaking (martial arts ). Without doubt the largest and most consistent literature, where the polls are more reliable, work better with a technical etc. are related to Fight Olympic, all thanks to the excellent support of the governing bodies of sport, led by the International Federation of Fraud and associates (FILA) based in Lausanne in Switzerland, which serves as an example for the other modalities. Given the multiple origin of the fight, always linked to the birth of several civilizations, there are a hundred stories and legends that are part of the folklore of every nation. Brazil also has its roots campaign, the UKA-UKA "of native Indians, part of the traditional festival of the Indians of the Xavante tribe, the" Quarup. From 776 BC, Greece became the fight a central part of the Olympics and there were papyrus that define the procedures of the fight so. Such was the popularity of the fight that almost all schools had a written "First learn to fight in school, then in between competitions." In Rome the fight was a legacy of the ancient Etruscans and the influence of the Greeks. It was clear that the Romans preferred the more violent aspects of the fight, as the "Pancratium" (above), and the fight between gladiators, but it served as preparation for the soldiers and gladiators. Similarly when it was necessary to choose the leaders of the troop was chosen as a fight through a competition. In Japan, Sumo is considered the oldest fight, with records from the beginning of the Christian era of formidable competition whose champions are remembered today as a patron of the sport. Iran and Turkey had a variety of struggles and their champions are considered heroes, enjoying high prestige in the community. Before the fifteenth century had schools that taught methods of struggle defined, and major tournaments with hundreds of participants. But with everything, did not escape the general rule: period of "training", "height" and "decadence." Asia may be considered that the development began around the year 200 of the Christian era, especially in China and Mongolia, where the seed germinated become compulsory subject in schools from the third century. In India, the Hindu epic "Ramayana" and "mahabbarata" witnessed the practice of struggle. Even Buddha would have fought the beautiful princess GOPA. In Russia, from the year 1000 there are many records and the rest of Europe, always supported roots in the struggles she has been developing in virtually all regions, resulting in the second half of the fifteenth century the first "hand combat", published in Germany in 1443. Later, in 1539, the city of Willenberg, Fabien Von AUERSWALD wrote "The Art of Fraud." Besides the writers had fans that period, which provide excellent painters did dozens of tests and paintings, showing didactically, positions of struggle. In feudal times, the struggle has developed selectively, since only those connected to you were able to practice it. Finally at the beginning of the twentieth century the struggle became the most popular sport in the world. From that moment on that stage of intimate connection of Olympic fights and "our" Wrestling, began to dissolve. The Fight (Submission Grappling), was nearly mashed by the huge success of "Olympic", having lived in the alternative world for a long time. That world is also supported in the practice of calling Fight Training (Catch, Pro Wrestling etc.). The famous "jam" and the struggles of amateur kimono possibly trained without the "jacket". One of the greatest centers of circulation of the fight in Brazil, where however, there were those conditions necessary for perfect development. The conditions are very clear and simple: there are people who can live there and fight the competition. Even so, it walked and Brazil became a force in the global fight, but until now without the organization that would be necessary. Japan and the United States, also walked together, without however reaching the level of Brazil. One of the factors that more leverage to fight, was the resurgence of the "anything goes" ( "No holds Barredo" or "Mixed Martial Arts") with several important events in Brazil, the United States and Japan in Brazil, observed that until 1960 the knowledge of wrestling, or deformed infant was therefore over 80% of practitioners was Weightlifting or oar. Only a few were known techniques such as keys, neck, ties in front (currently guillotine) etc. In twenty years it was evident that the situation has changed and new schools emerged, with new teaching methods. The "intelligence", the "ability" and true technique began to occupy his space, and that opportunity I thank my physique (small, lightweight, but strong), I had the immense joy to be able to collaborate effectively with that development. The "trick" was facing the physically privileged successfully, because the practitioners of that time only understood the language "to do". Moreover, that stage was an excellent laboratory which fruit today. Ten years have passed and Brazil began to export their talents, being the great catalyst for the development of other centers. The The Brazilian Wrestling (Luta-livre Submission) in the last 10 years has grown in technology, reducing the impact of physical strength and, consequently increasing its refinement, exactly in the opposite direction of what has happened with other methods, especially practiced with kimono (Jiu-Jitsu, judo).


Name: Hatem Euclydes
Nationality: Brazilian
Residence: Rio de Janeiro
Birth Date: September 16, 1914
Date of Death: September 26, 1984
Occupation: Fighter


In 1928, the fourteen years of age, after being seen by a foreigner (who is not!) Swimming in the yacht club at Rua Santa Luzia, Rio de Janeiro, which was often, was invited to join the world of fraud. Tatu linked to the ACM club of Rio de Janeiro, where they began to train and dedicate to the sport that is believed to be the ideal of his life. Would have to be a sport where he could use his strength and vigor. Thus began his series of fights to become champion and professional, adding victories over time, traveling the world stage and how it arose slaughtered in front. Down and unbeaten champions of the world.

My parents hugged when he discovered that the Catch proved to be angry, did not agree with my sport, which led several rixas. I wanted him to understand that the fight was the natural right of my physical performance. They needed a sport that nature.
He made on me the greatest possible wars. I believe that only the filial love could prevent an outcome less enjoyable, however it has not happened with my mother, she understood that I should do the sport that I feel better.
I once had to leave the fair, since my father back his charge against me, was well placed already won three of the most serious competitors: Marconi Italian champion, Olympic champion Henry Piers of Dutch nationality and Bick Chicat, three times world champion.
I decided then because of the rixas my father and then leave the country for a season abroad, Buenos Aires (Luna Parck) where they faced new and acknowledged champions from around the world, then follow to Santiago de Chile (Cosmopolícan) then returned to Brazil .
Entrepreneurs think me an expensive business, being really the Brazilian champion, won this title in prélios memorable title and my most valuable of which is unbeaten. There is no official recognition or adjustment of titles won in championships, which produces higher rents are the clashes between unbeaten.
"I give great importance to the struggles in which I committed to be committed to the old man that only suffers a defeat in any part of South America, should finally abandon my profession, I can not play to lose, that the" old " in Rio de Janeiro is waiting for a story that I turn the fighter into mere spectator. "

Lost two fights early in his career, against Black Mascara and later during a rematch against Japanese fighter Yano, a stroke of luck that led him to the ground in bad way, making that break the clavicle. The referee ended the fight on unequal terms. It was removed for treatment, returning soon. Participated in a series of championships. There is no more records of losses of Tatu, a few wins and many draws. It was only the beginning of everything. Sometimes fought with Black Mask and Yano, winning both.


Participated in his first international championship in 1936, however it was established as Brazilian Champion.
Then reached the World Cup "Benedito Valladares" dedicated fighters faced from all over the world reach the final against Ulsemer Charles, was a battle of Champions, Tatu Brazilian X Champion Charles Champion Ulsemer French. The conquest of Governador Valladares Belt was decided in the third round and doing justice to the belt of gold Benedito Valadares, winning the World Championship in 1940.
He continued his career thus always triumphs, draws a few more did not accept the fact of being defeated, had great features recognized by your audience as loyalty, fiber, courage, a strength and a monumental technical improvement, considered by the press as "the most comprehensive and most perfect fighter ", never had a dubious triumph or unjustifiable.
TATU, the overthrow of champions
The world hoped that the Polish Norkem front, a man of impressive size. Tatu was already defeated in the first minutes, the fighter more national paid in eight minutes with the champion of Poland, and it applied for a tie and a master key, which put an end rim that terrible battle. It follows then fight the final "David Tatu Mesnik X" in the second round he applies his classic hit 'the bottleneck' leading to Mesnik canvas and forced to seek truce, losing his belt in Brazilian gold to the champion.
Tatu remains unbeaten in the judging rings and the provision would still far more devastating champions and champions, had a prodigious strength and a great class, the famous and beloved Brazilian champion had two essential requirements that made a triunfador was endowed with a prodigious force class and an incredible addition of these two attributes with another which has won the hearts of all, unable to use any 'truc' or any gesture less recommended, did win a fight and with its undeniable resources, and so the public admired each again.
Upset was witnessed in some time and even be invited to make fights scheduled, after winning Man Mountain in the locker room to be granted a rematch. Attempt to bribe him and induce him to lose the fight, followed armadillo into the grandstand and bravely Mountain Man won that kind of contract was not part of his career.
Faced with proposals leading to deceive the public that both vibrate with their disputes in Wrestling and Vale Tudo, Tatu decided then followed with a long international tour which took from Cape Verde and Mesnik where winning over and keeping it is admired by all.
After closing his career, continued training and preparing fighters in the practice of sport that I thought the reason for his life, devoting themselves to teach their techniques he developed during his brilliant career as a fighter, initiator and preparer of secrets that many young people in sport was instructor of various academies, creating a root which in actuality were divided as ramifications, but if each of the fighters of freedom struggle and even some other arrangements are searching has been the master of his masters came when the same person, in who began to develop and win his place by giving substance and credibility to a form of struggle that is often not recognized as it should, is one of the most noblest and struggles that have made the public more vibrate in each submission is that each victory of Brazilian was the most expensive fighter the continent, always maintaining its invincibility, giving name to Brazil and bringing our country to the peak every time they entered the ring and Tatu a few minutes and sometimes seconds gave the victory to Brazil, covering countries in the world competitions of wrestling / everything, never refused to fight with opponents in other ways, frequently granted rematch, because the adversary could find that beat him a second chance, not afraid of losing it knew of its capacity and technical strength.
Resident in Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhood of Copacabana married with Mrs Gélia de Oliveira Melo and had two sons George and Veronica Melo Hatem Hatem, John Peter and two grandchildren Carolina.
We are proud of the history of this great man who became a myth in the history of struggle (Luta –livre Submission) in Brazil.

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